Thursday, May 4, 2017

Exciting things

Exciting things are on the horizon. I can't talk about it yet but I will definitely keep you updated!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Fun Sunday

We have a fridge with a bottom that we bought about 6 years ago at Lowe's during the Black Friday sales. It is beautiful. It is stainless steel. It makes ice and has water. There is even a separate drawer foe vegetables. I absolutely love it most of the time.

One thing I don't like, however, is that sometimes it doesn't shut properly because of ice build up in the bottom from people not shutting it all the way. Last year it started acting up. The freezer would start buzing and it stopped freezing food. So we borrowed another fridge from a friend and unplugged ours.  A few months later, it seemed to work perfectly again. There was no buzz and the freezer was working again. 

Last week, we noticed the buzz again. The food started not freezing again and the ice cream was more like chocolate milk. So we took to searching for different problems and how to fix it. One problem was that the fan in the back was frozen which couldn't circulate the air. We started to take apart the freezer. First came the basket, then the door, then the cover for the thermostat, then the cover for the fan. Once we go that cover off, we could see that it indeed was the case. 

I took the back of the freezer off and could not believe what I saw! 

This was what the cooling part of my freezer looked like. It was no wonder it wasn't cooling at all. 

We researched how to defrost this manually. It was decided that instead of using he heat gun, we would use a hair dryer. That was mostly because it wasn't as hot. 

It took three hours to completely defrost the freezer. It was totally worth it. Now the freezer is freezing beautifully and we have no sound from the fan. 

Plus my dear and awesome husband cleaned put the back of the fridge so that it is like having a brand new fridge. 

What was your Sunday like?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Project Semicolon

There has been controversy around our nation lately. According to tabloids, the founder of Project Semicolon, Amy Bleuel, has died. states that she died from suicide.The one ending to her life that she had been running from for years. Other sources state that there was no defined reason as to why she died. She was 31.

Amy Bleuel was an icon to those in the mental health world. After dealing with many horrible instances of abuse and mental issues, she attempted suicide but did not succeed the first time. People who suffered from mental health disorders, saw her as an inspiration. Her life proved to be something that many people could relate to.  Her site, project semicolon reassured people that there is still hope when facing suicide. It encouraged people to live on through the pain, seeking the right help to get through whatever they were going through. 

This site explained issues with depression, anxiety, abuse, and many other mental issues. It is a site where people can express their issue, share their brushes with death, and share how they are picking themselves up again. Many of the people who have posted there now wear a semicolon tattoo which symbolizes that their lives are not over yet.

Amy Bleuel's life may be over physically, but her legacy will live on forever in the eyes of those with mental health issues or debilitating mental health deficits as well as those who have suffered through abuse but continue to live on today.

If you or someone you know is suffering with any mental health issues, please call your local crisis line or that national suicide hotline. Here is the phone number for the national suicide hotline again.

 Don't hesitate to call. All calls are anonymous unless you choose for it not to be.
For more information on Project Semicolon, click here.

Fresh Pineapple. How Do You Cut Yours?

I love fresh pineapple. I usually buy it all cut up in the store fresh in the morning.  It is so delicious and still has that crunch in it, not like canned pineapple. I have always had a difficult time with figuring out how to cut a pineapple. I used to use a huge carving knife. It was hard and awkward to cut them that way. Plus I was always afraid of cutting myself instead of the skin of the pineapple.

A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah posted about this amazing new tool. It is a pineapple corer. It basically twists down into your pineapple and you get an amazing result of rings with the holes in them. I thought I could try it so I went on Ebay and ordered one for my sister who is also an avid pineapple lover, and myself.

My pineapple corer came in the mail on Saturday. I immediately went out and bought a pineapple. When I got home, I cleaned the pineapple corer and began twisting into the pineapple. It was so easy!

 Here's what you do:
1. Put together the pineapple corer. Make sure you have a cutting board and sharp knife.

2. Wash your pineapple
3. Cut the top off of your pineapple. 

4. Place the bottom of the corer in the middle of the pineapple and twist clockwise. 

5. Twist to the bottom of the pineapple until you get through the bottom. 
6. Pull the pineapple fruit out of the skin. This should pull right out. 

7. Take the handle off the top of the pineapple core and turn the fruit upside down. 
8. Pull the corer out of the pineapple fruit. This should slide right out as well.

9. You now have the option to either cut your pineapple into chunks or eat it as rings.


I am not affiliated with this product's company. This is of my own personal opinion and use of the product. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Training Your Child. How Late Is Too Late?

A few years ago, when I had knee surgery, I found this great tool to use with my Bible
to help give parents guidance on how to raise their children. I decided that since I was going to be out of commission for a month or so, I would be able to sit and work on this. At the time, our children were just becoming teenagers and I wasn't sure if they needed a bible like that. I was sure that someone did, just not sure who. I completed the first Bible and was very proud of myself. Last year, I found a friend who was struggling a little with her kids and I brought her the bible. I hadn't touched it in over a year.

Little did I know that I needed it myself. A few weeks ago, I was talking with a new friend about the Child Training Bible. I explained to her that it isn't a bible in itself but a guideline for your bible. I thought about it for a bit and realized that it can be used at any stage of growth in our children. It is very important to use with a teenager as well as a toddler. Because of this, I ordered another set of Child Training Bible Cards. I talked about it with my husband and told him that it would be very beneficial for our children to be able to use this in a Bible we had at home. He agreed it wouldn't hurt. Last week the cards arrived. I'm still working on putting it together.

What do you need to put it together you ask?

           1. A Bible in the translation you desire (We used NLT)

           2. flags to tag your scriptures according to the color on the card (I bought mine at the local Walmart and the Dollar Tree)

           3. highlighters and colored pencils to highlight the words for each section (I bought mine at Walmart)

           4. Prayer to help you get through this with knowledge and diligence

We prefer to use the NLT bible translation. It is pretty amazing so far going through the bible and finding the scriptures for each issue my teens will or have had. It teaches me a lot too. It provides us with a tool to help our teens grow up a little more Godly in an ungodly world. I believe it will get them back into the word and back to following the path that God has put before them.

An awesome thing is that they also sell a Virtue Training Bible. This has just been purchased. I'm excited to get it in the mail and to begin the work on that as well.

Are you interested in purchasing this Bible? Would you like to know how to get the tools to help your family grow with God and face issues as they arise? You can purchase the Child Training Bible Tools here. Are you interested in the Virtue Training Bible? You can purchase the tools here.

Are you interested in how it is done? Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. It will show all the tools and how to prepare your Child Training Bible with a video.

For now, visit the site. Look around and see what it is like. It is amazing. I believe that every home should have one.

Have a fabulous day! I know I will!!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Public, Private, or Homeschool. What Did We Do?

Each child in a home is different from their siblings. With each one comes a whole different set of skills, opportunities, possibilities, and issues. One of the issues is how to school each child as they reach school age. Should you send them to public or private school? Or, would they benefit more from homeschooling? Many adults think there is only one option. Truth be told, there are several options for each child. And, they change as children grow. Because each learns differently, they should have their education planned specifically for, and tailored to each one of them individually. We have both public- and homeschooled our children. Our oldest was primarily homeschooled. She is a brilliant young woman and graduated towards the top of her class with a high SAT score. We decided to homeschool all of our children when she was in second grade, the middle in kindergarten, and the youngest yet to be in school. We held lessons mainly while the youngest was napping. The kids excelled in this environment during the early years. They enjoyed school. Of course, I did a lot of research and found ways to make homeschooling fun for our children. We made lap books, did science experiments, and had tests to see what they were retaining. We also had problems which stemmed from variations in the way they learned best. Our oldest was quite self-sufficient when it came to schoolwork. All I had to do was give her a schedule and her books and off she went. Our middle child is more of a visual learner. He learns best from hands on work. He required a lot of oversight to keep him on task. I had to make school fun for him or it would be difficult for him to pay attention. Our youngest is a quick learner. You show her how to do something and she would get it right away. The trouble with her was that I couldn't hold her attention for long. She can also be quite lazy with anything resembling or called "work." She would rather be off playing than doing her schoolwork most days. After much discussion, we decided to send the two younger kids back to public school. With our son, it seems the best decision. Our youngest, however, is still struggling a bit. She is now in high school. Her difficulties are social rather than academic. She feels more mature than her classmates and doesn't fit in well; which makes sense considering how much time she spends with her older sister, who is also quite mature for her age. They are best friends, even with three-plus years separating them. So, the peers of our youngest simply aren't interested in the same ideals and goals. She also prefers having guys as friends because of the lack of drama that her other classmates seek out and cling to. So, the social aspect of education can actually be a reason for homeschooling rather than the other way around. With all the drama, bullying, and other distractions, the purpose of school can be defeated completely.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Being Appropriate and Being a Teenager

Those of you who have been following my blog, know that my kids are now teenagers. Those of you who didn't know, now do. When our kids grow to be teenagers, they are exposed to a world they have never experienced before. They are more free to use the Internet more and watch movies with a higher rating than G. How much exposure is too my exposure? We have been working on what is appropriate and not appropriate for our teenagers to look at and repost. Especially on Pinterest. Pinterest is a dictionary full of everything the Web has to offer all on one page. You see something you like, you pin it. It's as simple as that. That picture leads you to a website that may possibly have more things to check out. Our youngest is into humorous things that have to do with romance. While we are still working on getting her to understand the whole concept on what some of these pins that she is pinning are not appropriate, she still sees the funny side of them. Because of that we have to remind her that she needs to read the entire pin before repinning it to her page. We also monitor their social media pages and emails. This helps us to remind them that we are the parents and that they do not have full control of social media. For now I just need to:

Exciting things

Exciting things are on the horizon. I can't talk about it yet but I will definitely keep you updated!